Dance Fizz | Broadway remixed jazz-cardio (North)
July 19 (Friday) at 7:15 am

Class length
40 minutes
City and studio
Austin TX – Danzversity
Dance Fizz | Broadway Remixed Jazz-Cardio
#pop #cardio 

Pop. Fizz. Bang… Start your day dancin’ to chart bustin’ broadway hits remixed to make you werk yo’ body. Follow along as the instructor guides you through a make you sweat cardio-jazz session mixing it up with basic moves from Broadway, ‘80s and Afro-jazz dance vocab. We’ll drop it to the floor after for a quick ab and upper body power up before a feel good stretch to cool off and set your body-mind a buzzin’. Gee wiz, dance fizz.   

This is a follow-along dance-fitness class. No experience required as participants will not learn choreography. If you're looking to learn a choreographed routine checkout our  beginner-friendly drop-in dance classes in the evenings.  

Location: Danzversity 2110 Whitehorse Trail, 78757

Sorry - that class has already taken place!